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 Tour of Bright Sand Lakefirepit.jpg
      I will try to guide you around Bright Sand Lake starting at Spruce Lake.  Head east on Grid Road 796 till you come to a sign with 4 names on it: Sunny Acres, Diamond Willow, Eastview and Sandy Point.  Head north. Sunny Acres is your fist stop; a small subdivision of 32 lots with some very nice cabins and also bare lots.  Not many trees but folks are planting trees where they want them.  Mother Nature sometimes lets us.  You can watch the Sun Rise and the Sun Set and also have a great view of the lake. The beach is easily accessed by all lot owners.  Lot owners take great pride in their subdivision as the grass is always cut and the beach area is well looked after.
     On with the tour!  Driving north you will come to Eastview Acres and Diamond Willow Estates.  Both are on the same lane; Diamond Willow to the right and Eastview Acres to the left.  Diamond Willow has 30 lots with many nice cabins and great view of lake.  Eastview Acres has about 30 lots also but fewer vacation homes.  Folks here have planted 100's of trees;  a very well kept subdivision. 
     Now back to the North South grid road and head north to my "Happy Place", Sandy Point.  110 lots make up this true hideaway nestled in an "Old Growth Forest".  Best beach on the lake in my opinion but what do I know?  If you like seclusion and getting away from it all, Sandy Point could be for you.
     If you can pull yourself away from "My Happy Place" head north to grid road 795, turn right and take a few curves till to see signs for Bright Sand Regional Park.  Drive in.
     The Regional Park is a true wilderness park; 2600 acres.  At this beautiful park you will find: golf course, mini golf, canoe rentals, cabin rentals, campground, concession, playground, hiking trails, etc.  I could go on and on but it's best if you check it out for yourself or visit their web site  www.saskregionalparks.ca .
    Over the years folks have camped at Bright Sand Lake, fallen in love with the lake and ended up building a cabin at one of the subdivisions or acreages around the lake. This could happen to you; so beware. 
     Let's continue with the tour!  Back to the park entrance and turn right.  Next subdivision is Mowery Beach; a beautiful area with many nice vacation homes.  Feel free to drive around for a look see. 
     "On The Road Again." Sounds like a song; maybe Willie Nelson could write one!  Point your car/truck south to Evergreen Beach. This is a large subdivision of about 100 lots; many homes here are year round dwellings.  Lots of large trees, wildlife, birds and really friendly folks. 
     Venture back to main road, turn south all the way down to Grid Road 796; then turn to the west.  A short way down the road a sign appears: Crystal Bay/Sunset View; why not turn in and check it out: a Mile long beach, very large public reserve and some of the biggest cabins on the lake. 
     Drive through the subdivision at reduced speed.  Coming out at west end you will hit Grid Road 796 again.  A hop, skip and a jump down the road and you will be back where you started your tour; Spruce Lake is just down the road.
     At this time you may want to take another trip around the lake.  Who knows you may buy a lot or cabin.  You may decide to camp or go for a swim. Why not take a hike!  Can you see yourself laying in the sun, walking the beach, picking Saskatoon Berries, finding a Tiger Lily, heading out on your sail boat or trying your hand at wakeboarding.  It's all up to you!